I am who I am

And that is all that I am.

Anonymous asked: Sometimes i feel like im "white" accoarding to ppl. Just because im not loud, love indie music and reading and im a good student. Its annoying af ppl underestimate me due to my roots, like, "stfu im smart just like everybody expept you ignorant cunt"


You’re basically saying that black people are loud and uneducated and because you aren’t either of those things you are less black like your friends are saying. Think about that. You are black. Reading books and having a high GPA doesn’t change that.

it seems like you have a certain idea of how black people are suppose to be and that’s not right.


ever hit a Sunday night after a weekend of not showering cause you just chilled in the bed alone

and then before bed you’re like “nah I’ll just shower tomorrow morning” but then you get a whiff of your armpits and it’s such a sharp smell that you hop in the shower immediately

that’s never been me

💋💋 (at Rehoboth Beach )

💋💋 (at Rehoboth Beach )